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You Are A Natural Beauty

Welcome to Organic Beauty By Rilea.  Our goal is to create 100% organic skin care products with huge benefits for your skin.  As we’ve researched skin care overall in order to develop our line we found some disturbing facts.

Did you know:

~ Women apply lipstick between 2-14 times each day, ingesting between 4-6 pounds of lip product in their lifetime. Additionally, there are hundreds of lipsticks on the market which contain lead.  Cost doesn’t seem to be a factor as to what lipsticks contain lead and how much lead is in them.

~Unfortunately, lead isn’t the only toxic metal contained in lipsticks in the US. University of California researchers tested eight lipsticks and 24 lip glosses and detected nine toxic heavy metals, including chromium, cadmium, manganese, aluminum and lead.

~ The EU has banned over 1,300 cosmetic ingredients while the FDA has banned only 22. Additionally, nearly 400 skin care and cosmetic products contain these harmful ingredients that are banned in the EU.

~ 98% of all skin care and cosmetic products assessed contain one or more ingredients are never tested for safety.

~ Over 20% of all skin care and cosmetics contain at least one ingredient that is a proven link to cancer (carcinogens).

These are just a few of the facts Rilea and I uncovered as we were researching why we would want to go 100% organic in our skin care and cosmetics.  Although there are obviously very jaded articles and opinions out there we have found many articles from multiple sources that back up the dangers of most skin care and cosmetic products on the market today.  At the end of our research Rilea asked me, “if we’re going to put things on our body and even ingest them in our system, wouldn’t it be better if it’s safe and we know what the ingredients actually are?”.

We have looked up the benefits of all our ingredients and what they mean to you and me.  In our What’s In It? link you will find a list of everything we put in our line and all the benefits the ingredients bring to you and your skin. One of the fun things about our products is that most of our ingredients are things you may have in your pantry, so you literally know what you are putting on your skin.



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